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Hiking Waist Packs make a great alternative to the traditional backpack used by hikers, and are great for when you’re going on a shorter than average walk or hike. You can carry a surprising amount of gear in some of these hiking butt packs without restricting your arm or shoulder movement at all (which can be a problem with some larger packs). They also make a great secondary pack for your hiking adventure, just in case you haven’t quite got the hang of being an ultralight hiker!

Fanny packs are popular with climbers, runners, skiers and cyclists too.

Features of Great Hiking Waist Packs (aka Fannypacks)

Hiking waistpacks do come in various styles, but then again so do backpacks. Anyway, what sort of features come in really handy (so you should look out for them) when you’re choosing a new hiking waist pack?

Umm, a fanny pack not used for the fanny.

  • Hiking waist pack adjustability – these packs do have the potential to be very versatile (are you versatile, no I’m a Sagittarius but I love hiking . . . ) some of them have adjustable straps so you can either fasten them around your waist (which is why they are called waist packs) or over your shoulder for a rather jaunty look! Make sure that when your hiking waist pack is fastened around your waist it really hugs your body for comfort and stability.
  • Fanny pack compartments – hikers are an organized bunch (well, most of them anyway) so they don’t want everything stuffed in together. If you choose a waist pack which has not only a top-loading main compartment (for easy access) but a few other little pockets (cell phone / keys / bits ‘n bobs) as well as a nylon mesh pocket for your water bottle, then you won’t lose things and they won’t get wet if your water bottle dribbles at bit.
  • Fannypacks interior pockets – are a good idea too, a zippered pocket is a great place to stash a little cash. Now, I know that there are not too many places to shop on a mountain trail, but you never know when you might need a few bucks and you really don’t your cash rattling around with your gloves and suncream making it so easy to lose whilst you’re rummaging around for other stuff. There are a rather strange couple of mints in the bottom of mine, but I can’t remember where they came from so really dare not suck them! I do, however, leave them in place for emergencies!
  • Hiking waist packs need to be lightweight and tough. Lightweight because, well, you don’t want them to be heavy, and tough because they can easily become snared and snagged on tree branches etc. They need to be made of ripstop stuff so that if you do get caught you won’t end up with an empty hiking waist pack with a big hole and your hiking necessities scattered all along the mountain trail.

Hmmm, she didn’t appear to have any mints in the bottom of her butt pack  to help her along her hike. . . it must be just me. Great idea about whistling at the bears though, good tip for all hikers and backpackers that!


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